About Us

Welcome to Extraordinart.

This website represents an independent authority. Our aim is to publish only extraordinary work, and possibly the best from talented artists worldwide. Extraordinart makes no difference between the highly acclaimed and the unknown artists, as long as they produce something outstanding and noteworthy. Our criteria is based on pure quality. We select sheer excellence in visual arts and, with unbiased opinion, promote and support artists who deserve this title.

Extraordinart is not influenced by commercial goals and its board operates in complete autonomy. Our committee of art experts is self funded and doesn’t accept adverts or banners.We do not publish upon direct request but we are open to submissions: if your work is truly extraordinary, it will be published on Extraordinart.


The images on Extraordinart are collected all over the internet and, we assume, of public domain.
Artists’ names are linked to their personal website or to a webiste where these images were found. We always make sure to get in touch with each artist to let them know, but this is not always possible and some of our emails receive no reply. If we happen to violate any copyrights you might have, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will remove your work.

Additionally, if you find mistakes or have further information that might help us to improve our service, please drop us a line at info@extraordinart.org. Please note that some of the images may contain nudity.

Your comments are always welcome. Thank you very much.



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