She is only 25 (at time of writing) but she paints like an accomplished, mature artist. This is, for a start, an indicator of natural talent. And natural is her source of inspiration: Emma Fineman has won several awards and her solid background turn into liquid when she plunges into the seascape: she creates marine views with powerful brushstrokes of thick paint. A clash of water and land. The sea is alive and if you get close enough you can hear the roaring waves pounding on the secluded shore. May we say this is magic? Owning one of her paintings, we imagine, would be like hanging a splash of quicksilver on your wall. It would be like harnessing Nature’s unstable elements (is it paint or salt water?) and bringing them, safely, into your dining room. Her talent maintains its consistency also when her brushes land on the ground: watch the open field, that airplane guarded by horses, the populated universe of patchworked people. It doesn’t matter what you watch and what you see and what you find among those spatulated colors. Emma is there, screaming gently with colors. This is wisdom, faith, vibrant loce. Beautiful artwork!

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.03.14

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.02.28

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.03.42

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.08.23

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.09.18


Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.08.57

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.07.58

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.05.29

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.05.15

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.06.04

Schermata 2016-05-24 alle 22.07.02



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