A Night Under Fog

You’re welcome to enter into these paintings, provided you take off your shoes beforehand. Not because of the fresh paint but as a sign of respect for an artist who is mastering the crude, artificial light of the city, be it day or night, it doesn’t matter in the sleepless switch of electric/electronic life, delivering a compassionate – but not tender – look at the contemporary urban man. A life crammed with tarmac and steel and concrete and glass and traffic lights, a wet world where rain is not enough to clean and wash away the sacrifice of an environment spoilt by the absence of nature, a space where nature is not even invoked. The sky gleams with all colors but blue: it’s a breathless chunk of yellow, grayish air weighing over a metropolitan flat vastness. Jeremy Mann, like no one else, captures the dry, thick poetry of surviving in the big cities. Every now and then he likes to indulge on a portrait: women, mostly at home, i.e. this time inside the building, as to reveal us the other side of the metropolitan life: intimate, silent, empty, bored. Jeremy Mann is a powerful maestro, his paintings always bursting with so much energy you are advised to put some SPF 40 cream on your face.

Construction #3 Over the Sunset Portrait of a Young Woman

Hudson River Night Nocturne #3 Nocturne #4 Nocturne #10 Nocturne 11 Evening Streets of Ostuni Nocturne 13 post st downpour The Last Light of San Francisco the market street steamvent The Muse The Sun Sets Behind Hills union square in yellow


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