Nineteen year-old artist Kemi Mai lives and works in Manchester, UK.  She is to be considered an enfant prodige, considering the way she draws and paints. It’s not just a matter of technique (by the way, she likes to show the step-by-step process of her creations) but also of human insight and psychological analysis. Kemi Mai has a good handling of the palette of human emotions, even the most intimate, and the ability to represent a contemporary mood, a state of mind that you would expect from a more experienced artist. But let’s talk about the technique: digital art is still considered by many as a shortcut to more time-consuming, difficult disciplines such as oil or gouache or watercolor, Now, we all know how long does it take to get rid of preconceived ideas. Digital, for what we can say, is hard to master as much as any other technique and there’s plenty of evidence of it. It’s enough to see how many so called digital artists mess up with their brushes, smearing paint on a glassy surface without being able to go deeper, to break the crust and enter into the picture. Most of digital are looks so “digital”. Kemi Mai is a natural. Her paintings are vibrant, luscious, rich in texture and colors, and if you look at those eyes, you fins a real window, a passage leading you into the hidden layers of the portrait. Those eyes are speaking eyes, yet they are able to hold a secret. This interruption, this suspended revelation, is what makes these portraits intriguing and beautiful.








tumblr_n9i1xxu6UB1rl9hi5o1_1280tumblr_n2iy6s85Rm1qdhfhho2_1280 40c33940




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