Julian_Opie_Inspired smallj

It’s not painting, isn’t it? It’s more an hybrid between illustration and graphic design, but we decided that Julian Opie’s work deserves a place on our website because his portraits have a bright synthesis. You can see the face, see the personality and even the soul of these almost featureless people. Their dot eyes have something hypnotic that pinpoint your eye. You concentrate into those little black dots as it happens with those images where 3D pictures come alive after you manage to relax your eyes and everything blurs out of focus. Opie sounds like Opium. You look at these people and for some reason you think you might be one of them, a person reduced to a graphic representation, a sketch, a cliché that has multiple copies. You blur, you disappear, you become a meme, stuff for infographics, a sticker, a character, a colorful nobody with a happy smile painted on your face. This is quite unexpected, modern, smart, provocative, scary and also pop. It makes you think. We definitely like Julian Opie’s work.


NPG 6593(2); Graham Coxon by Julian Opie










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