Contemporary painters who leave the safe shores of nature in its endless and generous ability to inspire the artist, and venture into the abyss of abstraction, enter into a dark room of inner voices which are a multiplication of a single one. The dialogue with your own demons bears one risk: the dead end, the road with no way out. We have seen so many abstract paintings that cannot go beyond the simple splash of color, the banal scribble, the void provocation. But then you happen to see one of Bonita Helmer’s paintingS and you are immediately projected into outer space. The giant leap between inner voices and cosmic harmony leaves you breathless. Bonita Helmer needs large canvases to explore and extract what’s inside her childish, powerful soul. The medium is a mix of paint and dust and unknown materials and other debris fallen into our planet like burning comets. You look at her paintings and you are literally swallowed into a spinning vortex, absorbed by mysterious forces of distant galaxies. We have been following Bonita’s work for many years and found out she has an extraordinary consistency in her explorations, both in terms of artistic expression and technique. The journey into her artistic life is a beautiful adventure inside a flying saucer. Enjoy the trip.




Schermata 2014-01-23 a 10.35.49

Schermata 2014-01-23 a 10.36.32

Schermata 2014-01-23 a 10.37.09





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