Takahiro Hara artworks

Look at these paintings. Then look closely, because Takahiro Hara hides a secret in every image.  A nude, a face, an object, a landscape – all subjects attract his interest regardless of what they are or look like. His urge is to dig into the flesh of things, fighting with a technique which is still not perfect yet, but perfect it is for the inner tension toward the culprit of excellence. You can see, almost smell, his constant effort to master hues and tones, trying to disclose the mysterious rules that dominate light and its always changing way to illuminate things, textures and materials. Takahiro Hara is still relatively young (he was born in Fukuyama in 1971)  but he’s a quite mature artist in his way to respect oil painting as a painstaking technique, even before considering it as a form of art of endless improvement. He just has to get rid of some academic rules, get rid of that typical Japanese sense of discipline that slows down his talent and begin to disobey himself. He’s ready for the big leap into independence, and open his way to be among the truly great contemporary artists. We wish him the best.





Takahiro Hara Tr_Art-4



Takahiro Hara  (32)



Takahiro Hara Tr_Art-3-

Takahiro Hara paint-1


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