mt.lefroyEnthomologists say that small flying insects do not actually fly but swim into a fluid that is, at least for them, as dense as water. Their weight is so negligible, and the thrust of their wings so small, that their movement is more similar to the effort of a fish rather than a bird.

When you climb a mountain or just wander, by yourself, through a secluded landscape like a desert or a pristine piece of land, you probably experienced something very similar to this. Thoughts, when we are in company of no other than ourselves, come out in thicker waves. Their consistence is slightly denser and, instead of just evaporating in a cloud, they like to hover and swim around us, floating like a playful substance that can be shaped like plaster, giving shape to more concrete, almost solid inspiration.

Lawren Harris is an unsurpassed master in applying this very same atmosphere to oil. The pigments, through master brushstrokes, trapped his own thoughts for immortality and the paint – this beautiful, vibrant, strong, sculptured medium – became his voice. That’s why his work speaks to us, revealing untold secrets in eloquent whispers. Lawren Harris has been one of the most influential artists in Canada, and part of the famous Group of Seven. He left us with a legacy of incredible sensitivity, skills and talent. We wanted to honor his memory and give him, here, our tribute.










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