Guim Tiò is a young artist who creates stunning portraits starting from photographs he likes to cover and transform with paint. The original picture is almost completely buried by a new geological level. Only a nose, mouth or ear is left untouched, as a trace of the subject’s past life. The bold act brings a re-birth. The new faces stare at you with pin pointed, barely drawn eyes, while open lips with painted little teeth enhance a carnivorous smile. The effect of Guim Tiò’s work is spectacular, vibrant, humorous and tragic at the same time. The flesh springs up from the paper to catch its breath while the colors establish the artistic dimension of immortality. Another interesting part of Tiò’s work is found on the counterpart of real people painted like pictures and then photographed. The mix between different media, techniques and perspective works out quite well, as a final proof of the fundamental honesty behind Tiò’s work. Some paintings have the hypnotic force of Brad Holland’s epic, dark faces. Some others remind us of a rivisited Modigliani, the work of Enrico Baj or even a caffeine-free version of Pollock. We hope to see more of Guim Tiò’s work in the future.



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