Do you think it’s possible to obtain water out of oil? The two liquids don’t even blend together but rather stay separated as incompatible  personalities. There must be an alchemic process in the paintings of Gregory Thielker, if he’s able to achieve such impossible task. Water on oil. And oil on water: the rain on the windscreen creates a sleek separation between us and the landscape we are almost sure to see (even if blurred and twisted by the twisty tricks of thousands water lenses). The canvas turns into an artistic archetype, being itself a metaphor of reality: the surface is a canvas or a glass window? Again, water or oil?

Gregory Thielker’s ability goes beyond his technique: these paintings are so deep that make you feel cozy and sad at the same time, they make you smell the ozone and the wet tarmac of a rainy day, slightly warmed by the car heater. Thielker is also fluent with ink and other mediums, and he paints on canvas as well as on paper or aluminium, telling his travel stories in such detail and intensity to draw a book’s page or a hotel’s receipt as if words had the same dignity and power of images, just like in literature. The magic effect is on a multi-layered interpretation. You can choose to go deep into the inner meaning of things, or just be carried away by a sensual feast of colors.


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