People sleeping, diving, swimming, or holding their breath underwater or, we should say, magically breathing under a layer of bright oil, masterly painted on canvas to make it look as if it’d never dry, retaining a liquidity and freshness that is tempting to the eye. Eric Zener dominates the technique without overdoing it. There is a sort of relaxed bravado in his brushstrokes. The atmosphere is one of blissful intimity, unbroken by the eye of the viewer. Every painting maintains its own independence, self sufficient to its painted world, up to a point the painting seems to get rid of his master. Eric Zener paints thick water and air around the people he portrays – mostly women in their thirties, beautiful but not too beautiful to hurt your feeling, rich but not filthy rich, relaxed but not superficial, oblivious but at the same time conscious of the ticking clock where the apparent stillness is the only human resource against the unstoppable flow of time, dense like a summer afternoon in California.


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